Background & Services
Barbara Stansberry, Milwaukee, WI, has over 30 years of 'traditional' experience in developing operational strategies, business plans and managers in the corporate, financial world. She was a pioneer, as the youngest (and first to-be-married) woman officer and the first to leave for maternity (no disability income then). In 1980 (while pregnant with her second son), she co-founded a local business and professional woman's network group, Professional Dimensions. The powerful impact of this invitation-only group, now 373 members, is recognized by the traditional professional groups in requesting women's support with significant issues.

Understanding the issues men and women face in their personal lives and in business, she continues to support them and their businesses, as a personal counselor, executive coach, hypnotherapist, teacher and speaker. As appropriate, other counseling techniques of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming and kinesiology may be utilized. Her expertise is in coaching us in 'Making Our Dreams Come True.' Understanding the universal laws and energy concepts (Einstein's theory is a piece), we become our own change agent, profoundly changing our life by removing blocks on our path to success and bringing our goals into reality.

She works with personal problems of getting 'unstuck' from relationships, addictions (as weight and smoking), stress issues, grief, anxiety, fears, anger, procrastination, sadness and bad habits. Her 'before and after surgery sessions' promote faster healing, and easier child birth. Pain, other body discomforts or immobility and "dis" ease respond to hypnotherapy. It also improves study and test-taking habits, self-confidence, sports performance and other, positive self-image components.

Executive coaching addresses achieving the specific outcomes intended by designing a plan to get there, using available skill sets and developing critical support behaviors. Done appropriately, this draws the right resources to eliminate the business obstacles, some of which we may have created. (Sometimes we need to get out of our own way.)

Teaching is a blend of hands-on experience, humor and interactive discussion. Students remain 'friends,' returning for classes, personal work or specific business coaching.

Barbara's 'non-traditional' side was influenced in her study of healing, energy and Qigong ("Chi" is the life force) with Chinese physicians in Beijing and later, with a Sufi master from Pakistan and an Andean Priest and Shaman of Peru. She teaches Qigong, is certified in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic psychology and is an ordained minister.

Women have a natural intuitiveness about them that they tend to shut down in the business world when they compete with men. This higher energy is necessary for the benefit of men and women. This intuitive asset needs to be honored and fine-tuned, for in it lies the answers for each person's personal success. When we clarify and align with our unique, personal energy, our passion for our role in life is so strong that we allow ourselves to become empowered, reach our goals and then go beyond to a new, unanticipated pinnacle of personal and spiritual prosperity. After all, life is a journey, not a destination.