Treasure Map
(Creating your ‘Goals’)
What is it?
You create a visual reminder of what you want to achieve. You clip and paste on tag board, pictures representing your goals and display it where you can see it several times a day. You may paste or sketch them in a notebook, if they are focused images and viewed daily. The clearer the focus, the sooner it will become reality. This “eyes open hypnosis” allows your conscious and subconscious minds to begin creating and attracting your desired opportunities and outcomes.

How do I do it?
Clip pictures and appropriate messages or words from magazines. (Yes, you may clip words letter by letter, like the proverbial kidnapping letter, adding thoughts; “$1 million increase in net profits.”) Add big bills of play money. Select images that emotionally speak to you. (My clients find Oprah magazines and travel materials have words and pictures with significant impact.) Your process of selecting, cutting and pasting the ideas creates an imprint that ignites the movement toward the goal.

How often can I do it?
You may do it several times a year as goals are achieved or changed or annually to align with business goals and personal, New Year resolutions.

Personalize it:
Write or paste you name at the top; add your favorite colors. Children get incredible results in improving grades or sporting skills, making friends, becoming a team captain or entering a specific college.

A trip or cruise (visual: Paris/Eiffel tower; Aspen/skiing and happy people; words: Time of my Life!)
Special vacation (visual: beach/camping/biking/mt. climbing; words: exhilarating/1 month)
Relationships (visual: loving couple/parents and children; words: loving/understanding/trust/enjoy)
Physical/spiritual (visuals of Yoga/ meditation/exercise; words: relaxed, balanced, in tune.)
Change in career (visual: new role as public speaking; words: challenging/empowering/fulfilling)
New house vacation home (visual: your dream place/floor plan; words: Arizona/Florida/fabulous)
Things or lifestyle (visual: furniture/jewelry/club membership; words: my style/elegant/casual)
Business (visual: congenial partners/workers/clients: words: fun work/$1,000,000 net growth/+clients)
Personal development (visuals & words: open-minded/patient/compassionate/volunteering/learning)
Personal body (visuals & words: younger-looking/slender/fit/healthy/non-smoker/free of__/weigh __)
              ….Yes, you can paste your face on a picture of that fit body you want.

Mind movies make it happen!
Now look at it; sense it as already having happened with all your senses by picturing many different movies. Example: A movie of skiing in Aspen and retiring with friends/family to your new chalet, smelling the wood burning in the fireplace as you sip hot, spicy cider, and
watch snow falling on the slopes. Create another movie of the outcome and another. Sense it with a ‘knowingness’ that it will happen. Trust it!

Clean out the past; move forward with love and gratitude.
Eliminate old, selfish, immature behaviors with meditation; self-hypnosis. You learned these immature behaviors in your childhood, to keep you safe then. They no longer serve you; they consume energy you now need to create tomorrow’s reality. Become generous: what goes around comes around. Acknowledge all new gifts/opportunities with gratitude. Share love: it melts fears, anger and guilt. Be consistent, persistent and patient. The universe many need time to gather the ‘energy’ to bring about your request.

Caution: Be careful what you wish for, you will receive it!